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The Rev. Dr. J. Sherman Pelt Foundation, Inc.
Post Office Box 161486
Atlanta, Georgia  30321
phone: 404-600-1092
fax: (404) 600-1093
email: info@peltfoundation.org

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Mrs. Mary O. Pelt, CEO/Founder

Mr. Sherman Tyrone Pelt, CFO/Treasurer

Mr. John Nicklaus Pelt, COO/Secretary

Closed Application Process

Pelt Foundation Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the J. Sherman Pelt Scholarship. Applications will be accepted during the period April 1 - May 31. Our mission is to provide academic scholarships; we look forward to processing your application during the acceptance period. If you need additional information, you may contact us online or call us at (404) 600-1092.  Click here to download an "Informational Copy of the Application".